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Dentures Overview

At our practice, we are proud to offer a wide range of services that will make your life easier. We have been manufacturing dentures for over 30 years so you can rest assured in knowing they’re made with care and attention, paid not only towards quality, but also comfort! We offer a comprehensive denture service where everything is taken into consideration, from budget constraints all the way down through what type best suits one’s personal needs – whether it’s cosmetic or functional replacement teeth; we’ve got you covered at our Sutton Dental Practice.

We offer a wide range denture services which include creating high-quality dentures designed specifically for patients’ age and gender as well their physical facial structure; we can help restore what was once there!

Our expert denture team have over 30 years experience which means we know exactly how it should look like when done right – from full & partial denture solutions (including implant assisted ones), and flawless colour matching by using porcelain pigments.

The pursuit of dental excellence is what sets us apart from other practices. We are committed to providing natural-looking dentures that replicate your facial features as they were before you needed them. Many patients find our results impressive because they can’t believe how realistic their dentures look, or how well these new techniques enhance the comfort of their dentures.

Our Dentures

Full Dentures

With our state of the art dental techniques, we are able to produce high-quality Full Dentures that replace all your natural teeth in both upper and lower jaws.

Flexible Dentures

Improving your oral health starts with a proper fit. If you have dentures that don’t feel right, and are constantly shifting in position due to chewing or eating certain foods, Flexible Dentures may be the answer.

Denture Repair

Our expert denture technicians are able to repair even severely damaged dentures to get you smiling again. We offer a fast turnaround as we know how important and speedy repair is to our patients.

Chrome Dentures

The idea behind Chrome Dentures is to create a denture that has superior strength and smaller size when compared with traditional acrylic dentures.

Denture Reline

If you have dentures, it’s important to get a Denture Reline service at least every two years. We’ll make sure your dentures fit better and are comfortable.

Denture Care

Looking after your dentures is vital to maintaining good oral hygiene and to ensure your dentures perform at their best, whilst remaining comfortable and secure for years to come.

What can delaying Dentures treatment cost you?

You can’t always have a Dentures as the supporting bone in the area gradually melts away. The more you leave the area, the less bone you will have and the less chances are of you being able to have a Dentures so take action now to avoid disappointment later.

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