Denture Reline

Are Your Dentures Feeling Misaligned?

We understand the importance of comfortable and well-fitting dentures for your oral health and well-being. A denture reline is a common procedure designed to ensure your dentures fit snugly against your gums, thereby enhancing comfort and functionality. Whether it’s due to natural changes in your mouth’s shape or wear and tear over time, a denture reline can significantly improve your quality of life. Our team is committed to providing personalised care, using the latest techniques to deliver results that not only improve the fit of your dentures but also support your overall dental health.

Benefits of Denture Relines

Denture relines offer a multitude of benefits, significantly enhancing the comfort and functionality of your dentures. By updating the fit of your dental prosthetics, you can enjoy a renewed sense of confidence in your daily interactions.

Improved Comfort: Relines reduce gum irritation by ensuring your dentures fit snugly and comfortably.

Enhanced Fit: As your mouth’s shape changes over time, relines help your dentures adjust to these changes, preventing slippage.

Better Oral Health: Properly fitting dentures support good oral hygiene and reduce the risk of sores and infections.

Increased Durability: Regular relines can extend the lifespan of your dentures, making them a cost-effective solution.

Restored Functionality: Enjoy your favourite foods and speak clearly without worrying about denture movement.

Types of Denture Relines

There are primarily two types of relines: soft and hard relines, each serving distinct needs. Soft relines are ideal for patients seeking immediate relief from tender gums due to the softer, more pliable material used, which offers a cushioning effect against the gums. This option is particularly beneficial for new denture wearers adjusting to their prosthetics. On the other hand, hard relines involve a more durable material, suited for long-term use and providing a sturdy, precise fit. This type is recommended for those with well-adjusted dentures looking for a permanent solution to ensure their dentures fit perfectly over time.

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Signs You Might Need a Denture Reline

Recognising the signs that you might need a denture reline is crucial for maintaining both your oral health and the functionality of your dentures. Common indicators include discomfort or pain while wearing dentures, indicating a poor fit. If your dentures start to feel loose or slip when you’re speaking or eating, it’s a clear sign that the fit needs to be adjusted. Additionally, the development of sores or infections in your mouth can be a direct consequence of ill-fitting dentures, necessitating a reline. Frequent gum irritation and an increase in difficulty with chewing are also early signs that your dentures no longer fit as they should. Addressing these issues promptly can significantly enhance your comfort and oral health.

The Denture Reline Process

The denture reline process at Sherwood Park Dental Practice is streamlined and patient-focused, ensuring minimal discomfort and swift results. Initially, our denture experts assess your dentures and oral health to determine the type of reline required. For a soft reline, a pliable material is applied to the denture base, adapting it to the contours of your gums for immediate comfort. In contrast, a hard reline involves taking an impression of your mouth with the dentures in place, which is then used to create a new, rigid denture base in our laboratory. This process may take a few hours to a few days, during which precise adjustments are made to ensure an optimal fit, significantly improving denture stability and comfort.


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Ann Cleverley
Ann Cleverley
Very professional and welcoming. My mind is now put at ease after my consultation with Pablo and David. Highly recommend Pat Jones
Neil Bunting
Neil Bunting
About a year ago I had dental implant treatment at Sherwood Park Dental Practice. This replaced a 5 tooth denture that I'd been using for several years following a sporting injury. Pablo and his team are very professional and friendly and the treatment has greatly improved my life. Not to mention, allowed me to be more adventurous about what I eat! I wholeheartedly recommend Sherwood Park Dental Practice.
gayle egan
gayle egan
Perfect service from Gerard and his colleague. I had a phobia of dentists and left my teeth without any attention for way too long! I attended the practice and saw Tracy first of all for a hygienist appointment a few months ago. I was concerned about my teeths condition due to being on extensive medication. I was advised to have an appointment with Pablo and then Gerard to see what they could do and I’m so glad I did. Gerard has performed an extensive cleanup, I was given a local anaesthetic and everything was fine. I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment in 4 weeks for the other side of my mouth to be done. Phobia gone! Thank you so much Pablo you and team 🙌🙌🙌
Peter White
Peter White
After an initial discussion at Sherwood Park Dental Practice and then a full consultation with Pablo, Nuria and David I took their advice on going for implant retained dentures. From the first visit to the final 'fit' I could not be happier with not only the end result but with their professional, caring, informative service they provided. The dentures were specific as I did originally from my existing ordinary denture had an 'underbite' but David created a denture that gives me a level bite. To the entire team who I was under, Pablo, Nuria, David, Diego and Joanna on reception thankyou for such an outstanding service..
Petru Alexandru Zaharia
Petru Alexandru Zaharia
Had several appointments here, mainly for my dental hygiene. Have to mention at this poiny my overall experience. After my first dental cleaning, I was left amazed of how my teeth looked, it was like I had a whitening session. It was hard to ignore the effort put into the whole procedure, as my previous experiences in other places never impressed me. Thanks to Tracy, my oral hygiene has changed completely because I wanted my teeth to always look like that. I see her every 6 months and she always puts the same effort along with valuable information to improve. Thank you for your passion!
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis
I've attended this practice for over 40 years and since Pablo Lobato has taken over I've found the quality of service and customer care has risen considerably. Recommended!
Tony Askas
Tony Askas
Excellent dentistry. Pablo and the rest of the team are providing very caring and professional service. Would highly recommend.

Denture Reline

It’s recommended to have your dentures checked for a possible reline every one to two years, or sooner if you notice any discomfort or changes in fit.
While DIY kits are available, professional relining by a dental expert ensures optimal fit and comfort, reducing the risk of damage to your dentures or oral health.
Yes, relining can improve speech clarity by securing the dentures firmly, eliminating slips and movement that cause speech difficulties.
A professionally done hard reline can last several years, while soft relines may need to be redone annually or biannually, depending on oral health changes and wear.
The process is typically painless. Discomfort is minimal, as adjustments are made to the denture base, not your gums.

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