Teeth whitening

Are discoloured teeth getting you down?

Teeth whitening Overview

When you drink coffee, red wine, or smoke cigarettes, your teeth bear the brunt of it. But there’s no need to let teeth yellow, grey or stained teeth knock your confidence and stop you from smiling.

Bring brightness back to your smile

Reverse the effects these bad habits have had on your teeth with your choice of the world’s best teeth whitening systems, which are both simple, safe & provide long-lasting sparkling results.

At Sherwood Park Dental Practice we offer home whitening systems and also ZOOM whitening in chair which you will see results straight away.


The best system on the market that guarantees you a B1 shade of white which is the whitest your teeth can naturally go. This includes a revolutionary Evo-white toothpaste and a serum that locks the solution into the tooth surface.

Boutique Night or Day

uses whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide for fast results using a custom tray that fits in the mouth for either one hour during the day, or at least four hours while you sleep.

Before & After

Look how whiter your teeth can be with Enlighten or Boutique Night & Day treatments.

Your 4-step Teeth whitening process

Book your teeth whitening consultation with our dentist

Come in for a full dental check-up and to take moulds of your teeth

Two weeks later come back to fit your custom whitening trays and start whitening at home for 2 weeks.

Enjoy your new, sparkling white smile

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Teeth whitening stories

Watch some of our lovely clients talking about how the great service we provide.

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Teeth whitening FAQ's

Watch some of our lovely clients talking about how the great service we provide.

Initially, we carry out a full assessment of your teeth to make sure they are safe for the whitening procedure. Once this is done, we take moulds of your teeth and send these to a dental lab to get your teeth whitening trays made. We will invite you back to try in your new teeth whitening trays and provide you with your Home Teeth Whitening kit and give you instructions on how to use your teeth whitening kit.
We do offer in chair zoom whitening. Is a great way of whitening your teeth in one hour and also we will give you trays and whitening gel to top up at home.
Teeth Whitening results can last for years but having coloured food such as coffee, red wine etc can stain teeth and reduce the longevity of your teeth whitening results.
You should not experience any sensitivity after treatment but some people are prone to sensitivity due to enamel levels and other factors.

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