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Dental Hygienist Overview

Dental hygienists play an important role in the prevention of dental disease and the promotion of good oral health.

Our Dental hygienists provide high quality dental care to our patients. They carry out a wide range of duties, including scale and polish, which involves removing plaque and tartar from teeth; tooth whitening; providing dental sealants; and giving advice on oral hygiene.

We offer a full range of dental hygienist services including scale and polish treatments, AIR-FLOW therapy, preventative fluoride treatments, and leading stain removing, cosmetic whitening treatments. 

Whether you’re an existing patient or looking for a new dental hygienist, your smile is important to us. If you need a private scale and polish, contact our office on 020 8642 7000 or fill out the form below.

Your 4-Step Dental Hygienist Process

Schedule your appointment with our award winning Dental Hygienist, Tracy Tang.

Relax and let Tracy highlight any issues with your dental hygiene.

Sit back whilst Tracy thoroughly cleans and checks your teeth and gums.

Leave with better insight into your dental hygiene with great tips on how to look after your teeth and gums.

What can delaying Dental Hygienist treatment cost you?

You can’t always have a dental implant as the supporting bone in the area gradually melts away. The more you leave the area, the less bone you will have and the less chances are of you being able to have a dental implant so take action now to avoid disappointment later.

Dental Hygienist FAQ's

Read below for commonly asked questions about our Dental Hygiene services.

Our dental hygiene service lasts between 40-50 mins. Our resident hygienist, Tracy Tang, is experienced in dealing with nervous patients and has won awards for great service. 

Whilst some patients may feel some slight discomfort or sensitivity, our treatment is very gentle and precise. We check our patients are comfortable throughout the treatment and explain the process as we progress through the treatment.  

It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment every six months with your dental hygienist. Some factors that may affect the frequency of these visits include how well you brush your teeth and also if there are any signs of gum disease. 

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