In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Ready for a Brighter, Whiter Smile?

Embrace the transformative power of in-chair teeth whitening, a convenient and efficient solution for those seeking an instant enhancement in their smile. This professional dental procedure, conducted in the comfort of our dental practice in Sutton, uses advanced whitening agents and technology to brighten teeth significantly in just one visit. Ideal for busy individuals or for special events where time is of the essence, in-chair teeth whitening offers a safe, fast, and remarkably effective way to achieve a noticeably whiter smile. Experience the confidence boost that comes with a brighter, more attractive smile through this popular cosmetic dental treatment.
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Instant Teeth Whitening Solution

Are you looking to achieve a brighter smile in a timely manner? We are proud to offer the Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening system, a cutting-edge solution for those seeking a rapid transformation in their smile. Known for its efficacy, Zoom! promises to enhance tooth brightness by up to eight shades. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking for immediate results.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening Process

During the process, your dentist applies the Zoom whitening gel to your teeth, and the LED light is directed at them. This combination breaks down stains and discoloration on the tooth surface, resulting in significantly whiter teeth. The procedure is highly effective against common stains caused by foods, drinks, smoking, and ageing. The Zoom! WhiteSpeed treatment stands out for its efficiency, delivering significant whitening in just a 45-minute session. This quick and effective approach is perfect for busy lifestyles, offering a significant cosmetic improvement in under an hour.

in chair teeth whitening

Your 4-Step Process

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At our Sutton Dental Practice, we welcome all private patients. We are experienced in providing dental care to nervous patients. We’ll explain your treatment solutions to you and take time to answer any questions you may have regarding your dental and hygiene treatment.

Benefits of Zoom! WhiteSpeed

Zoom! WhiteSpeed is an advanced teeth whitening system utilising LED technology for efficient and effective results. It offers customisable treatments for comfort, ensuring long-lasting whiteness. Clinically proven to be safe, it’s a reliable choice for those seeking a quick, significant enhancement in their smile.

  1. Rapid Results: Achieves significant whitening in about 45 minutes.
  2. Tailored Intensity Levels: Customisable treatment intensity for comfort.
  3. Advanced LED Technology: Enhances whitening efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Long-lasting Whiteness: Durable results with proper care.
  5. Safe and Reliable: Clinically proven to be safe for teeth and gums.

Zoom Teeth Whitening and Teeth Sensitivity

While some individuals may experience temporary sensitivity following the procedure, this is typically mild and short-lived. Our expert team will provide you with personalised aftercare advice to manage any sensitivity and ensure your whitening experience is both effective and comfortable. We are committed to not only enhancing your smile but also ensuring your overall oral health and comfort throughout the whitening process.

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Immediate Results

Achieve noticeably whiter teeth in just one session, perfect for busy lifestyles.

Professional Supervision

Dentist-guided treatment ensures safety and tailored results for individual tooth conditions.

Long-Lasting Effects

High-quality materials used in practice prolong the whitening effect, ensuring lasting brightness.

Comfort and Convenience

Enjoy a comfortable, stress-free experience with access to advanced whitening technology in-clinic.

How to Maintain Whitened Teeth

We believe maintaining your newly whitened teeth is crucial for lasting results. Our expert team advises a routine that includes regular brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing to prevent stains and plaque buildup. We recommend avoiding staining foods and beverages like red wine, coffee, and tea, drinking through a straw, and consuming them in moderation. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are essential to remove surface stains and ensure optimal oral health. Additionally, using whitening toothpaste or touch-up kits, as advised by our dentists, can help prolong the effects of your whitening treatment, keeping your smile bright and beautiful.

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Kristina POST
Kristina POST
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I recently had my first visit here and I’m extremely happy with my entire experience with doctor Pablo. And I am thankful to amazing doctor Nuria, who did extraction of my wisdom tooth. She was professional and kind with my case, as a usually anxious patient when visiting dentists, I was thoroughly surprised by how at ease I was! The service was exceptional and the staff is extremely kind and helpful. I would strongly recommend and definitely come back.
April Spitz
April Spitz
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Very good dental practice and team. Even tho I live in Beckenham I still come to Sutton to get my teeth looked after there. Highly recommended
Ann Cleverley
Ann Cleverley
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Very professional and welcoming. My mind is now put at ease after my consultation with Pablo and David. Highly recommend Pat Jones
Neil Bunting
Neil Bunting
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About a year ago I had dental implant treatment at Sherwood Park Dental Practice. This replaced a 5 tooth denture that I'd been using for several years following a sporting injury. Pablo and his team are very professional and friendly and the treatment has greatly improved my life. Not to mention, allowed me to be more adventurous about what I eat! I wholeheartedly recommend Sherwood Park Dental Practice.
gayle egan
gayle egan
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Perfect service from Gerard and his colleague. I had a phobia of dentists and left my teeth without any attention for way too long! I attended the practice and saw Tracy first of all for a hygienist appointment a few months ago. I was concerned about my teeths condition due to being on extensive medication. I was advised to have an appointment with Pablo and then Gerard to see what they could do and I’m so glad I did. Gerard has performed an extensive cleanup, I was given a local anaesthetic and everything was fine. I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment in 4 weeks for the other side of my mouth to be done. Phobia gone! Thank you so much Pablo you and team 🙌🙌🙌
Peter White
Peter White
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After an initial discussion at Sherwood Park Dental Practice and then a full consultation with Pablo, Nuria and David I took their advice on going for implant retained dentures. From the first visit to the final 'fit' I could not be happier with not only the end result but with their professional, caring, informative service they provided. The dentures were specific as I did originally from my existing ordinary denture had an 'underbite' but David created a denture that gives me a level bite. To the entire team who I was under, Pablo, Nuria, David, Diego and Joanna on reception thankyou for such an outstanding service..
Petru Alexandru Zaharia
Petru Alexandru Zaharia
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Had several appointments here, mainly for my dental hygiene. Have to mention at this poiny my overall experience. After my first dental cleaning, I was left amazed of how my teeth looked, it was like I had a whitening session. It was hard to ignore the effort put into the whole procedure, as my previous experiences in other places never impressed me. Thanks to Tracy, my oral hygiene has changed completely because I wanted my teeth to always look like that. I see her every 6 months and she always puts the same effort along with valuable information to improve. Thank you for your passion!

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Look how whiter your teeth can be with Enlighten or Boutique Night & Day treatments.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening FAQ's

Have questions about teeth whitening? Browse our FAQ section below where we address common questions about teeth whitening. We’re committed to guiding you on your journey to achieving a brighter smile.
The Zoom whitening session takes about 45 minutes. It provides immediate results in just one appointment.
Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity which typically subsides within a few days.
Results can last for several months up to a few years. Longevity depends on lifestyle and oral hygiene practices.
Yes, the procedure is safe when conducted by a professional. Zoom whitening is clinically proven to be gentle on teeth and gums.
Zoom is effective against most stains from foods, drinks, and smoking. However, effectiveness can vary with different types of discoloration.

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