Denture Care

Wondering How to Care for Dentures?

At Sherwood Park Dental Practice, our focus on denture care embodies our commitment to enhancing oral health and ensuring the comfort of those who rely on dentures. With a dedicated approach to patient education and support, we aim to empower our clients with the knowledge and resources needed to maintain their dentures effectively. Our expertise in denture management underscores our broader dedication to providing comprehensive dental care, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. By prioritising denture care, we help our patients enjoy a better quality of life, marked by confidence in their smiles and overall wellbeing.

What Are Denture Cleaning Tablets

Denture cleaning tablets are effervescent solutions designed to clean dentures effectively. When dissolved in water, these tablets release a fizzy, active oxygen that helps in removing food particles, stains, and plaque build-up from the denture’s surface. They are formulated with ingredients that not only cleanse but also sanitise dentures, ensuring they are free from harmful bacteria and odours. The regular use of denture cleaning tablets is crucial for maintaining oral hygiene, preventing gum disease, and extending the lifespan of dentures. They are a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional cleaning methods, providing a deep clean without scratching or damaging the denture material.

How to Take Care of Denture

Taking care of dentures is pivotal for maintaining oral health and ensuring the longevity of the dentures. To start, it’s important to rinse dentures after meals to remove food particles and plaque. Use a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive denture cleaner to gently clean the surfaces daily, avoiding regular toothpaste which can be too harsh. Soak dentures overnight in a denture-cleaning solution to keep them moist and maintain their shape. Always handle dentures with care to prevent bending or breaking. Regular dental check-ups are essential to adjust or repair the dentures as needed. Following these steps will help keep dentures and your mouth in good condition.

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How to Store Dentures

Storing dentures correctly is essential to maintain their shape, integrity, and hygiene. When not in use, dentures should be kept moist to prevent them from drying out and losing their form. The ideal way to store dentures is by submerging them in a denture-cleaning solution or in cool, clean water. Avoid using hot water, as it can warp the denture material. Ensure the storage container is safe and cannot be easily tipped over, protecting the dentures from damage. It’s also important to keep the stored dentures out of reach of children and pets. Regularly changing the storage solution will help keep dentures clean and free from harmful bacteria.

Troubleshooting Common Denture Problems

Troubleshooting common denture problems is crucial for comfort and oral health. If dentures become loose, causing discomfort or difficulty eating, consulting a dental professional for adjustment is essential. For minor irritations, a denture adhesive may provide temporary relief. It’s vital to address bad breath or a bad taste, which could indicate poor denture hygiene or a fungal infection, necessitating thorough cleaning or professional treatment. Cracks or breaks require immediate dental attention to prevent further damage. Always avoid DIY repairs with household glues, as they can be toxic and damage the denture. Regular check-ups help identify issues early, ensuring denture longevity and wearer comfort.


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Ann Cleverley
Ann Cleverley
Very professional and welcoming. My mind is now put at ease after my consultation with Pablo and David. Highly recommend Pat Jones
Neil Bunting
Neil Bunting
About a year ago I had dental implant treatment at Sherwood Park Dental Practice. This replaced a 5 tooth denture that I'd been using for several years following a sporting injury. Pablo and his team are very professional and friendly and the treatment has greatly improved my life. Not to mention, allowed me to be more adventurous about what I eat! I wholeheartedly recommend Sherwood Park Dental Practice.
gayle egan
gayle egan
Perfect service from Gerard and his colleague. I had a phobia of dentists and left my teeth without any attention for way too long! I attended the practice and saw Tracy first of all for a hygienist appointment a few months ago. I was concerned about my teeths condition due to being on extensive medication. I was advised to have an appointment with Pablo and then Gerard to see what they could do and I’m so glad I did. Gerard has performed an extensive cleanup, I was given a local anaesthetic and everything was fine. I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment in 4 weeks for the other side of my mouth to be done. Phobia gone! Thank you so much Pablo you and team 🙌🙌🙌
Peter White
Peter White
After an initial discussion at Sherwood Park Dental Practice and then a full consultation with Pablo, Nuria and David I took their advice on going for implant retained dentures. From the first visit to the final 'fit' I could not be happier with not only the end result but with their professional, caring, informative service they provided. The dentures were specific as I did originally from my existing ordinary denture had an 'underbite' but David created a denture that gives me a level bite. To the entire team who I was under, Pablo, Nuria, David, Diego and Joanna on reception thankyou for such an outstanding service..
Petru Alexandru Zaharia
Petru Alexandru Zaharia
Had several appointments here, mainly for my dental hygiene. Have to mention at this poiny my overall experience. After my first dental cleaning, I was left amazed of how my teeth looked, it was like I had a whitening session. It was hard to ignore the effort put into the whole procedure, as my previous experiences in other places never impressed me. Thanks to Tracy, my oral hygiene has changed completely because I wanted my teeth to always look like that. I see her every 6 months and she always puts the same effort along with valuable information to improve. Thank you for your passion!
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis
I've attended this practice for over 40 years and since Pablo Lobato has taken over I've found the quality of service and customer care has risen considerably. Recommended!
Tony Askas
Tony Askas
Excellent dentistry. Pablo and the rest of the team are providing very caring and professional service. Would highly recommend.

Denture Care

It’s recommended to remove dentures at night to allow your gums to rest and to maintain good oral hygiene. Overnight soaking in a cleaning solution also helps clean the dentures.
No, regular toothpaste is often too abrasive for dentures. Use a soft brush and cleansers specifically designed for dentures.
Persistent odour may indicate the presence of bacteria or fungal growth. Consider using a denture cleaner with antibacterial properties and consult your dentist.
Sticky, hard, or particularly chewy foods can dislodge dentures. It’s advisable to cut food into smaller pieces and chew slowly.
Avoid consuming excessive amounts of stain-causing substances like coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco. Regular cleaning also helps prevent staining.

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