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Dreaming of perfectly straight teeth?

Children’s Orthodontic Overview

You’re never too old for clear braces

It only takes one crooked tooth to taint a beautiful smile and make you feel less confident and self-conscious.

The great news is that there’s a way to correct things in under 6 months, and without anyone even noticing you’re wearing a brace.

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At Sherwood Park Dental Practice, we offer the Invisalign system, which uses removable trays that straighten your teeth a little more slowly. Either way, your smile will be ready for having your photo taken at an upcoming wedding or birthday or even a casual selfie with a friend.

Before & After

Look at the difference our teeth straightening treatments can make. You’ll wish you had yours done years ago.

Your 4-step Children’s Orthodontic process

Book your straightening consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists

We will explain the straightening options and together choose the straightening system that suits you best.

Get your clear brace or invisalign tray fitted when you’re ready.

Enjoy your perfectly straight smile for the rest of your life

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Children’s Orthodontic stories

Listen to our lovely clients saying how much they love our friendly service.

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What can delaying Children’s Orthodontic treatment cost you?

Do you have problems biting your teeth together? Do you feel a straighter smile better reflects your personality? Straight teeth not only boost the appearance of your smile but also improve the health of your mouth as you will be able to clean in between your teeth better.

Book your straightening consultation today to quicker achieve a straight smile for life.

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Children’s Orthodontic FAQ's

Listen to our lovely clients saying how much they love our friendly service.

Usually, clear braces can straighten teeth within 3-9 months but this does depend on how severely your teeth are crowded.
You can expect some slight discomfort on the first day the braces are placed but you should experience no pain.
Once you have decided which brace system will be most suitable for you, you can expect to begin treatment within a few weeks.
Once we have placed your braces onto your teeth, we will see you once a month to adjust your braces and this routine will continue until the end of your treatment.
Yes, we offer numerous payment plans to suit your budget from interest-free options to finance spread over 5 years.

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