Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

The lips can be reshaped, and plumped up according to the person’s age and wishes. It is important that they are kept in proportion to the face. The lips are very important features and act as a ‘frame’ to the teeth. Shapely lips are an indicator of youth.

Lips can become thin and inwardly inverted with age so that they lose their shape and turn down at the corners. Sometimes they look almost to have disappeared. Multiple lines start to radiate outwards from them which tend to make a person look older. These are very commonly seen in people who smoke cigarettes, hence they are called ‘smokers’ lines’.

These problems can be corrected in a completely painless way, using dermal fillers which are adapted for this area. The lips can be put back into an attractive shape with a more youthful Cupid’s bow at the centre of the top lip, and a more youthful curved projection.

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