Onlays and Inlays

Sometimes there can be significant damage after tooth decay or a fracture which can render a filling not suitable. In these cases an Inlay which sits inside the tooth, or an Onlay which covers the tooth and restores its shape may be recommended. They may be more suitable because they will last longer than a filling in that tooth, or they may be more resistant to forces such as chewing on the tooth.
They can be made in porcelain, gold or composite resin material by a dental laboratory and can require little to no more preparation of your tooth than the original filling.
They restore the tooth with a nice uniform appearance and can be shade matched to the natural tooth.
The procedure of placing an Inlay or Onlay does require two visits and treatment is usually carried out under local anaesthetic. At the first visit the dentist will make the preparations required and take a mould in a fitted tray using impression material. While the lab are making your custom fitted restoration you will have a temporary filling. On the second visit the Inlay/ Onlay is bonded into place and we will ensure it functions correctly in your bite so you can adjust to it as easily as possible.