Excessive Sweating – Hyperhydrosis

Excessive Sweating – Hyperhydrosis

Some people are embarrassed by the amount that they sweat. Excessive sweating can be caused by high temperatures, activity, anxiety or certain foods. People may avoid going to places where they become too hot and they may stop doing activities that they enjoy, because of this problem. It can lead to a lack of confidence and can be inhibiting to the performance of the individual, such as in an interview. Some people do not join group activities and some do not eat out in public.

Common areas which are affected are: the under arm area, the forehead and hairline, the centre of the back, and the palms of the hands and feet.

By injecting minute amounts of the muscle relaxing toxin under the skin, over the affected areas, the sweating problem can be almost completely eliminated. It can have life-changing results.

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