When natural teeth are lost, dentures can be a good way to restore the appearance and function of your natural teeth, whilst also providing some benefits like filling out the face where support has been lost. We work closely with dedicated professional technicians to make sure we provide you with the option that will best fit your lifestyle.
Modern cosmetic dentures are now far more comfortable and we offer a range of different materials from different types of acrylics to metal dentures which will have different benefits and suitabilities.
Construction of dentures at our practice can take between 3-6 weeks and will usually require visits at weekly intervals. We can arrange visits on site from our technician if there are any particular elements of your case we need them to look at in more detail. We have found the team approach means meeting the patient's goals long-term.
If this is the first time you will be wearing a denture then we can support you through the transition, or perhaps you have been living with an ill fitting denture and need to feel confident that you can eat and speak comfortably again.
We also ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to take care of your denture and gums for as long as possible after it is fitted.