Your dental check up recall i.e. 6 monthly/ annual will be based on your dental needs and any medical or general health conditions.
Your dentist will carry out a thorough examination of not only the teeth but other areas to include extra oral regions such as the head, neck and jaw joints. We also screen all soft tissue regions such as lips, tongue, saliva glands looking for any abnormal or cancerous conditions.
After that a screening of your periodontal health is carried out (the state of your gums). Minor cases of gum disease may mean a recommendation for a full-mouth scale and polish and oral hygiene instruction to get you practising the best techniques at home to prevent gum disease. More involved cases may require an in house hygienist referral and severe cases are referred to a Periodontist (gum-specialist).
Finally, as part of our dental service, your teeth are checked for decay, fractures, defective fillings and unsightly restorations an intraoral camera will be used to take still images of teeth at magnification supplemented by Small digital x-rays ( if justified) to gain a better view of ‘hidden’ areas of your mouth, for example, to detect whether any decay is occurring between or inside your teeth. X-rays also help to show the supporting bone level in your jaw, to detect signs of advanced periodontal disease or evidence of infections.