Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

This treatment is administered by tiny injections of the muscle relaxant into the skin. It relaxes individual, selected muscles of the face and neck which cause certain types of negative facial expressions. For example- a persistent heavy frown can make a patient look constantly angry. However, other muscles, such as the positive smiley ones around the eyes, can also cause unwanted effects, such as the appearance of Crow’s feet wrinkles.

We use certain muscles in our face to ‘talk’ with. These are called the ‘Muscles of Facial Expression’. They enable us to show signs of emotion, such as happiness, sadness or anger. It is important that most of these muscles are allowed to function normally, otherwise our faces would lack expression. But many of them do produce unwanted effects by squeezing up the skin or dragging it downwards. These actions accelerates the ageing process and cause wrinkles such as vertical and horizontal frown lines.

Some muscles cause the skin to be pulled too far in the wrong direction. For example- when the upper lip which is pulled up too high during smiling, producing a ‘gummy smile’.

If someone wants to delay facial ageing, it can be beneficial to weaken some of these muscle actions, which cause constant folding of the skin and wrinkles. Treatment helps to smooth out the skin, resulting in a younger and fresher looking complexion. If someone has unwanted muscle actions such as occur in ‘gummy smile’ or facial spasm, these negative muscle actions can also be reduced.

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Treatment of Crow’s Feet and Upper Face

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